Arts-Ministry Training Institute

We have left the age of the orator and entered the age of the artist 

The Arts-Ministry Training Institute seeks to equip the artist to impact culture for Christ by offering online courses, forums, and conferences lead by highly trained and experienced Arts-Ministry Specialist in the following areas:

  • Spiritual Formation of the Artist
  • Practical, biblically based Artistic Strategies
  • Biblical studies in the areas of imagination, creativity, mystery, transcendence, beauty, & aesthetics
  • Biblical Theology of Worship, Missiology, & Church Growth

Worship Studies Degree

School of Worship, Imagination & the Arts

Get or Finish YOUR undergrad degree in WORSHIP STUDIES At Williamson Christian College, Franklin, TN.
Biblical, Affordable, Flexible

Worship Studies Degree Program Description:

The Worship Studies degree, the first to be offered in the new School of Worship, Imagination & the Arts, is designed to train a person to enter the job market as a Staff Worship Ministry Director, or as a high-level specialist in a multi-staff worship ministry department.

Whether the student’s background is a musician, visual artist, theater artist, film/media artist, photographer, dance artist, creative writer, or a technology specialist — the student will, upon completion of this degree, have the biblical foundations and professional skills to thrive in any type of church ministry setting.

Also, this degree prepares artistic Christians to go deeper in their personal daily worship-walk with Christ, while giving them the biblical and theological foundations to understand the specialized and strategic role God designs artists to fill in life—leading people into touching the transcendence of God.

All of this preparation will make them better artists—by helping them form spiritual foundations, energized by a vital faith in Christ, on which they can build a lifetime of artistic and creative contributions to their community and the world.

This degree uniquely equips students with the skills needed for their chosen field of study, coupled with an emphasis on personal spiritual growth as an artist.

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