Bringing Together Our Core Competencies

For the sake of ministry innovation critical to meet the rapid changes of our communities and cultures—to be effective—we Christians must bring together each of our core competencies to overcome the complexities of developing effective and cost-efficient deployment of relevant Gospel communication, worship ministry, Christian community formation, and general ministry that impacts our cultures.

For example: Nashville, my current home, may presently be experiencing a Kairos moment. It seems as never before, believers from many different orbits of the arts are converging in some special way in Nashville. You may be seeing the same sort of happening in your area.

No community will ever be reached for Christ through one church or one organization or one Christian or one ministry style or one specific strategy. Rather we know, almost automatically, that though the diversity of style and strategy are essential, without intentional focus on “oneness of purpose” (a good definition of unity), and without intentionally developed relationships for the purpose of partnering, we will not experience broader-based ministry that will powerfully impact in our communities.

The Lord Jesus calls all of us to lay our various art ministry competencies at the foot of His Cross. If we will do that, I believe He will then pick them up and sculpt them into a more powerful coalition of arts ministry than any of us alone.

The real question is, “Are you willing to trust God enough to cooperate with others for the sake of His Kingdom Advance?”

You will not, should not, and could not cooperate with everyone. But there are those with whom you must cooperate. And in cooperation with those partners, you will do more for Christ.

Here are some key questions to help determine with whom you should cooperate:

  • What is the bottom-line assignment you know the Lord has given you? The question is NOT what you like to do, (e.g., play music, write songs, make videos) BUT why is it important you need to bring those skills and abilities into play for His Kingdom?

  • To accomplish your assignment, what are the core or central vision and values you see as critical?

  • Which of these competencies do you have?

  • Which competencies do you lack?

  • Who are those you know who possess the competencies you lack?

  • Which like-minded believers should you directly link with to carry out your assignment?

    How do you get started? Bring a few wise Christian mentors and advisors together to help you work out your answers. Second, write the answer down as clearly as possible.

Now to get this whole process moving ahead . . .

  • Approach, one-on-one, the people you’ve listed to determine their own interest in the ministry objective you sense God is beginning to reveal; the core concerns the Lord seems to be revealing as critical to meet through achieving these objectives; and the critical shared values needed to move forward to achieve these objectives.

  • Gather those willing for what I call a leader’s prayer and strategy summit. When together take time to share visions; express values; pray; list shared vision, values, and concerns; list key issues where your visions do meet; determine partnership initiatives your schedules will allow; and act.

  • Do something, even if small, rather than being overwhelmed and doing nothing.

  • Look at the following cooperative ventures.

    • Other leaders’ prayer and strategy summits

    • Celebration worship and prayer events

    • Training events

    • Partnership ministry events-either, ones you initiate, or ones with which you can tie into

Cooperation With Others?

The real question is, “Are you willing to trust God enough to cooperate with others for the sake of His Kingdom Advance?”

Cooperation in ministry is essential if we care to position ourselves before the Lord in such a way where He might choose to use us to impact our communities, our region, or our nation for Christ.

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