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Dr. Byron Spradlin

I believe that worship leadership should have a larger-than-normally-understood meaning. First, the label worship leadership includes three groups of people . . .

  1. Worship-leader practitioners
  2. Pastors
  3. Volunteer church leaders

The reality is that so often the non-artistic leadership of the church has the most to say about the worship of the church. Whether they recognize it or not, each of these leadership groups—pastors and volunteer church leaders, as well as the specific worship leader practitioners—are leading and shaping the worship lives of North American Christians.

It’s now time for the attitudes and practices of those comprising each of these groups of leaders to change its attitude toward the arts if the North American Church is going to increase its effectiveness in moving worship back toward its rightful, central, place in the life of the Church and its people. And remember, it’s these three groups who must initiate intentional efforts to prioritize the task of discipling the next generation’s worshipers and worship leaders.