Byron and Pam 3Modern thinking about artists, especially in evangelical churches, frequently assumes them to be strange, unrelated to, and even dangerous to the purposes and people of a normal community. Artists are often thought to be somehow operating outside of the norms of the general community, somewhat counter-cultural, and perhaps even adversaries of the community.

Actually the artistically capacitated person is someone different than that. Based on biblical revelation, the Hebrew term craftsman is a person designed by God to have unusual wisdom for imaginative design and expression. I believe God intends for this person to play a “specialized” and critical role in the midst of the community, as well as for the community of believers.

An artistic expression specialist actually leads people and the community into touching the transcendent realities of encountering God, and the one who gives handles for people and the community to hold and interact with the other realities of life and living. In truth, the artistic expression specialist typically tries to go beyond the incorrect but popular modern notions about the artist¸ while underscoring the biblical mandates and purposes for these specially-designed people.