Byron and Pam 3

Byron & Pam

The designation artistic Kingdom servant attempts to underscore and draw together the biblical revelation that artistically endowed people hold specific and important roles within the Kingdom purposes and plans of God. Also, they are given by God certain stewardships through their artistic capacities for which they are responsible to carry out.

Both the artistic person—the one who often sees no place for their capacities, passions, and abilities in the service of God’s Church—and Church leaders—who most often either see no place for the artistic specialist in the work of the Church and its mission or fear that these “artists” will actually be hurtful to the purposes of the Church—will see the role of the artist as strategically designed and assigned by God for His Kingdom purposes.

Jesus, though He never affirmed breaking the Laws of God, always affirmed an inner heart-focus and expression in intimacy of relationship with God. Worship, as Jesus modeled and declared (e.g. John 4:19-24 ), is a way of life, a relationship, a life-walk wherein we live out the purpose for which God created us and intended from the beginning—to companion with Him in constant worship of Him. The artistic kingdom servant, then, is someone who must be in an intimate, never-ceasing, companionship with God.