As we begin the year,  I would like to feature the work of Clyde Tabor, the Director of the Visual Story Network, which is a coalition of 275 organizations and 2400 media leaders in 85 nations working to expand a worldwide movement of visual story so everyone has the opportunity to encounter Jesus and His kingdom. Since the VSN launch in 2007, more than 150 projects, products and partnerships have been established reaching an estimated 2.4 million people. Find out more about Clyde and VSN here:


7 Ways to Be More Effective Today

Here are the daily best-practices that have helped me the most.

1. Identify Your Big Three. At the beginning of the day, identify the three most important things you need to accomplish if today is to be a success. Make these the first (and if necessary only) things you accomplish today.

2. Big rocks first. Whatever is most important, do that first. Never start with small stuff, because it is guaranteed to become bigger than you intended. Small rocks grow at an astonishing rate.

3. Do the hardest thinking first. Use your freshest brain for the hardest work. Thinking, problem-solving, and strategic visioning are best done in the first half of the day.
4. Cluster. As you put items in your calendar, cluster things that go together. Put strategic thinking items together, phone calls together, emails, etc.

5. Don’t take unscheduled calls. Unless you have a lot of free time, let unscheduled calls go to voicemail. If it is important, they will leave a message and you can retrieve it soon thereafter.

6. Do emails last. I use the last 30 to 60 minutes of my day for emails. I scan them quickly throughout the day to see if there are any burning fires that must be addressed. But I don’t get sucked into email-jail until the very last part of the day. This will keep you from having small email discussions that squelch your productivity.

7. Use water. I am amazed by how often water is a creative catalyst. Shaving and showering are when most of my creative ideas come. Drinking lots of it is good for your brain too (true).