The Biblical Definition of Art and Artistic Expression

Artistic expression, as observed in the biblical record, is essential to life and Christian ministry—especially the worship ministries of the Church. This is because Artistic expression is the essential context wherein humans touch the transcendent realities of life in general, and most importantly, with God. Artistic and “imaginative” expressions—the metaphors, symbols, expressions, rituals, memorials, ceremonies, liturgies—form the amniotic fluid in which life and community grow and mature.

Art is a part of life. It is not something people can choose to omit from their lives. Artistic expressions—imaginative human expressions—are more than a form of human communication. They are the substance, the amniotic fluid, in which human relationships live and grow—human-to-human, and humans-with-God. Therefore, in order to see the importance that ‘amniotic fluid’ of God-designed-human-expressions is to the flourishing of human relationships with each other and in worship of God, Church leaders and worship practitioners should maintain a biblical view of ‘imaginative human expression’.

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