Over the past twenty years, the influence of worship on the evangelical community has changed dramatically. The worship leader now has a role in ministry not shared by musicians since the beginning of the church.

If it’s the general consensus by evangelical theologians that Scripture declares worship is central to life and living, one of the top priorities for Church and mission leaders should be intentional training and discipling of worship leadership.

The renewed emphasis on worship by the evangelical church should compel church leaders to focus on the multiplication of spiritually deepening, artistically skilled worship leadership ready to serve the myriad of opportunities existing today in the Church and its mission mandates. As a result, and as a cause, there exist some very large needs in the North American Church today, especially in the area of matters related to worship.

Three needs that relate directly to this observation are . . .

  1. The Church lacks specialized worship leadership.
  2. TheĀ  existing Church and missions leadership currently initiates very little intentional, specialized discipleship of worship leadership.
  3. As a result, few artistic Christians laboring in the worship arts arena receive adequate, intentional, and specialized worship-ministry or personal-worship discipling.