Until recently, so many in worship leadership have had to “jump” into their ministry. In the past, there has been little to no formal training in worship. For sure, there have been well respected church music programs at dozens of Christian universities, colleges, and seminaries. But very few institutions provide any kind of discipleship training for the worship leader. And, experienced worship leaders already in the field don’t seem to have the time to “train” or “disciple” someone who’s just getting started.

Most immediately, when assessing the present status of worship leadership training, three problems seem to surface:

1) Many worship leaders lack clear answers to some of the big questions about the essence of worship. Consequently, they often lack direction and focus.

2) Worship leaders lack a precise and strategic vision related to knowing the essential elements for developing and ministering congregational worship ministry in the 21st century.

3) Worship leaders lack a functioning set of personal worship practices that serve to develop their own passionate lifestyle of personal-worship disciplines – including spiritual graces, spiritual formations, and an ability to develop a daily worship routine.

Each of these three problems deeply impacts the worship leader and his or her congregations. The seriousness of the problems facing the worshiping community and their impact on every church embracing evangelical theology, serves as a reminder of why a discipleship curriculum for worship leadership training is needed.