angel2WHO IS GOD?

If worship is to be central in a believer’s life, then the question, “Who is God?” must also be addressed. There are at least four major theological realities related to this question:

First, God is supreme. God is not a created being. He is eternally existent, all powerful (omnipotent), all knowing (omniscience), all wise (omnisapient), and everywhere present (omnipresent) at all times. The Hebrew language, especially in its historical context, is clear, precise, and unequivocal on this truth. The implication is that other spirits, other alleged gods simply are not gods at all. There is only the One, True GOD. Period.

Second, God is holy. He is completely “other-than” and “unique from” His creation. His “otherness” or His being “unique from” and “above” His creation is especially seen in His divine moral purity and beauty. God’s nature and person are completely separated from sin and evil. He is absolutely devoted to His own divine perfect honor and glory.

Third, God is The Creator. The Bible starts with the reality that the uncreated God—who was already existing, before time and space existed—created all that is: all the cosmos; all time and space; all spiritual and transcendent realities; all life, truth, goodness, and beauty. Everything that is came from Him.

And fourth, God is love. God is perfectly loving toward his creation. Moreover, God created humans for the specific purpose of companionship with Him, in perfect harmony and communion. This love is not simply “affection.” This love involves compassion, longing, delight, pursuit, mercy, patience, forbearance, and unceasing-staying-power. This love is at the deepest level possible. So much so that, even though humans are frail and sinful, God chooses to pursue us.

So, who is God? He is perfect in all respects and infinitely glorious. What an indescribable privilege it is to call Him Father! What a joy it is to worship and serve Him!