byron_sThere exist very few clear, practical, and biblically based training resources that easily guide worship leaders into the basic New Testament teachings on worship and its role in the life of believers. This is true even though the last 40 years has seen wonderful growth in the focus on worship.

What is needed is worship training and discipleship resources that will provide essential helps for worship leaders who want to know, understand, practice, and envision worship in a number of ways. The reasons for this are at least three-fold:

  1. Such training and resources will give basic guidance for worship-leader-practitioners who have little experience or orientation in guiding a church worship ministry and helping them move beyond “flying by the seat of their pants” to a basic blueprint for some of the major components of worship ministry management.
  2. More experienced worship leaders can use these types of training and resources to intentionally disciple less-experienced worship leaders who possess little insight into the myriad behind-the-scenes things that must take place to make a worship service actually happen.
  3. And all of this will help suggest pathways for pastors and other “non-artistic” church leaders to orient themselves and help orient others under their stewardship in some of the basic elements essential to worship ministry.

These types of resources and training initiatives will go far in emphasizing worship as a minute-by-minute way of life, which I believe the Bible emphasizes from beginning to end.