In past days I had a quote above my desk that generally states that “. . . success is piloting ideas with small, bootlegged budget.” And it goes on to say the ” too many ideas are grandiose and far reaching at the beginning . .. and appear to have only a ‘shot in the dark’ possibility’ of being achieved.

On the other hand, Moses reminds the Israeli’s they must move forward toward their objective, little by little. Inn Dt. 7: 21, 22 . . as they prepared to take the Land their father’s had wimped out over, Moses reminds them that they should . . . “(21) not be terrified . . . for the Lord your God, who is among your, is a great and awesome God. (22) The Lord your God will drive out those nations before you, (but) little by little. You will not be allowed to eliminate them all at once, or (if, in fact you did drive them out all at once) the wild animals will multiply around you (and eat you up–[Byron Spradlin’s. translation])

My point here: You must keep you long range mission in view, while at the same time focusing on one piece of it at a time—yet you must keep doing at least one piece of it at all times.

Which piece are you working on right now?

My overall point: If what you are hearing is really from God—you will pursue and do that CALLING no matter how you make your money; especially if you throw off the Metro, first-world notion—popular but incorrect—that occupation IS identity.

Bi-vocationalism is a viable and biblical status—with many benefits. May you strive with all your heart, mind and soul to move into a full-time occupation pursuing your ministry calling. Most will need to at least press for that objective at some points in their lives. But if it doesn’t happen, release that reality to God and look for and allow Him to release you into your calling through other, and just as creative—but different—avenues of His provision.

Summary Reminder:

No matter what, you need to be doing your ministry calling (assignment from God) in your local area, no matter how you are making your money.

If you are not ‘doing’ ministry—for free at first—not only will few ‘normal’ Christians take you seriously about being called by God for some sort of specific Kingdom ministry, you will rarely raise donated support. And what’s even more likely in question is the reality that you are responding to a true call from God for ministry.

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