Ministry connections and community building around your calling should be at the root of you ministry efforts.

Create a Newsletter Plan for your ministry

        1. Compile a list of people who know you (family, relatives, friends, past ministry associates,

        2. Collect names at each ministry event from believers who have experienced the Lord working through you

        3. Communicate regularly but not continuously

        4. Create an email news update list
        5. Collate & Manage your email list with an app like: Mail Chimp
        6. Consider mailing newsletters (although mailing may seem “old school”, a personally mailed item with a hand written note may have a strong connection with some of your supporters

Paul did this: Note all his letters
Note especially Romans 16
–26 individuals . . . he’d known before
–5 groups of people . . . he’d known before and he was asking for their “assistance.”

About Newsletters

Newsletters should include four things

1. Information about your ministry

2. Inspiration from your ministry about the Lord

3. Instruction from the Word of God, that has something to do with your ministry.

4. Invitation to participate in your ministry—through praying, volunteering, giving, connecting others.

–A Few Tips

It is easier to maintain support than to raise new support.

Send regular prayer letters—monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.

Some do a quarterly paper, snail-mail newsletter with return envelops enclosed; and monthly send out email updates and prayer requests.

Update your support team constantly.

Send a handwritten letter once or twice a year to each supporter.

Make a personal phone call or visit as often as possible.

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