blur-old-antique-bookWORD-CENTERED WORSHIP

Word-centered worship is founded on the teachings of and realities revealed through God’s Word. Simple enough, right? You see, in general, worship at its root in human experience has to do directly and specifically with the heart of a person. It is at this human “core” — the heart — that connection is made between us and whatever it is we worship.

The heart of a person is also referred to as our spirit or will. It is our center of being. It is the place from where all worship comes. Dr. Dallas Willard once wrote: “Human beings have only some small element of spirit—unbodily, personal power—right at the center of who they are and who they become. It is . . . this spirit (or will), that must be reached, cared for, and transformed in spiritual formation. The human will is primarily what must be given a godly nature and must then proceed to expand its godly governance over the entire personality. Thus will or spirit is also . . . the heart in the human system: the core of its being.”

This is the essence of what I believe Word-Centered Worship is all about and is the “core” of what we do as worship leaders.

We Need to Hear From You?

Did God touch your heart and spirit as you worshipped this week? How did your heart and mind collide with God’s grace as you met Him in worship? Did worship of the heart extend to your everyday activities throughout the week. Were you able to push aside the frantic nature of life in worship? Or, are you longing to find a worship community that is focused on The Heart of God?