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There is a very real need in our North American churches for more spiritually maturing, artistically skilled worship leadership; leaders who are clearly called, biblically sound, spiritually dynamic, pastorally oriented, artistically skilled, and specifically trained for worship ministry in our churches and their missional assignments.

Many worship leaders are inadequately equipped in areas of spiritual disciplines and spiritual formation. And, unfortunately, there are few training methods and materials readily available for use by church and mission leadership in training artistic Christians.

If musicians and worship leaders are going to take on the mantel of leading God’s people in worship, the Church and its missionary enterprise desperately need to equip them as spiritually maturing, artistically skilled worship leaders.

Evidence indicates that the evangelical church is failing in this area of discipleship training. I believe that what is needed is curricula or programs of study that will help local church leaders mentor and disciple spiritually maturing, artistically skilled worship leadership. It’s time for the Church to accept this responsibility.



  1. Jeannie

    I agree. And would add that discipleship training and spiritual formation is sadly lacking for all people in churches today.

    • Byron Spradlin

      Jeannie, You are exactly right, at least from my vantage point. Blessings to you — Byron

  2. John

    I agree with Jeanie that spiritual formation and discipleship are sorely lacking in evangelical churches in North America. We have allowed the pendullum to swing so far towards evangelism that we have forgotten that we must define the life to which God calls each of us and how to strive for it. The salvation experience is just the beginning of a life long faith lived out in community.

    • admin

      Great stuff John, thanks for your insight and being part of our community!

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